Conjunto Guantánamo does Christmas Cuban-Style in their Holiday Double-Single Out Now




Kick off your holidays with some of the best new Christmas songs to come along in years. A holiday music release that will have everyone dancing, swinging and feeling good.

'Conjunto Guantánamo' are sure to get any Christmas party going with their signature holiday singles, 'Santa Claus Llego a la Ciudad' and 'Navidad, Navidad' (OUT NOW). The tracks are just right for any get together with family and friends, and perfect for getting your holiday season started off right. This is Christmas music your loving friends and family will remember from your get together. Find the tracks on their double-single '¡Las Navidades con el Conjunto Guantánamo!'

Watch a teaser video of Conjunto Guantánamo


Listen to !Las Navidades! con el Conjunto Guantánamo' via Soundcloud here

Santa Claus Llego a la Ciudad 

Navidad, Navidad


Their version of these holiday classics are lively and spirited, perfect for your Christmas playlist, dance party or any holiday festivities.  Here’s some Christmas music you’ll never grow tired of. When it's time to have fun during the holidays, weather you’re waiting in line to stand under the mistletoe, kicking back with some spiced eggnog or enjoying yourself with the other Christmas revelers, add these tracks to your holiday playlist and cut loose at the Christmas party! Tune in to the thrills of lively percussion, pounding syncopated bass lines, brazenly exotic trumpet melodies, uninhibited improvisation and the sultry, sexy, dynamic lead vocals of lead singer Pepito Gomez along with some great lush backup vocals.

Order '¡Las Navidades con el Conjunto Guantánamo' here



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